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So, if your dependencies are valid and you still are getting this problem, then you resolve this if it is a problem with VS2010 .Basically, if you run MSBuild and see this warning: Then the problem is Visual Studio versioning.So, hopefully this will combine the possibilities and give good means of debugging each.:) Common Reason My problem was not a dependency error. So, basically, you need to check your MSI file and make sure that all dependencies are still valid.Summary: unload any Visual Studio 2010 project in solution. I know this is kinda old news, but my particular issue and solution are not specifically stated here (as far as I can tell - if I missed it, I apologize). It would not compile my project, but had no errors. I opened up the "Output" file (Click View-- Output on menu), and it told me exactly which reference (in my case a .dll) was causing the problem.I deleted and recreated the reference and it changed the reference name from Microsoft. Core (which was appearently only a 32 bit version) to "OFFICE". -- Make sure to make a note of the path to the file you are referencing in the properties window... When you get no errors and your build fails, check the "Output" tab and it might help.Ensure that no other client on the network is configured to use

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Alternative Reason My problem had to do with Visual Studio versioning, however.

This means that one project was opened or created in Visual Studio 2010 and then saved or added to an existing 3.5 solution.

I simply searched all files in my project for In my case my solution (VS2008) had a project that was also referenced from another solution (VS2010).

My new path was exactly the same, but the reference name changed anyway.... I read this answer from another post on Stack Overflow, and it has worked for me.

Open your setup project file (.vdproj) in Notepad (or any other text editor).

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